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           The Osei-Fordwuo family: Sylvetser (Nana Kojo) and his lovely wife Theodora (Maame Adwoa) are the owners of a successful and vibrant African Grill And Bar L L C, which was relocated from the city of Aurora in 2013 to the city of Denver, approximately 10 miles from the Denver International Airport (D.I.A).  

     The couple moved from their native country of Ghana to Denver Colorado in the year 2000 with less than $100 to leave with. After initial hustling like many immigrants, the family set up their eyes to achieve the American dream.

Nana had worked with restaurants and caterers back home and serve at banquet, and also managed grocery store here in America. As a professional Accountant in Ghana, he also, took time to continue his accounting education at CU-Denver.

            Maame Adwoa on the other hand,  was a private secretary, administrator and a very well gifted and talented  in African traditional cooking, baking and pastries.  she grew up in both Sokoto in Nigeria and the central and greater Accra regions in Ghana. 

The couple had passion in cooking, so they bought their first restaurant in 2004, but the ill-fated venture was short- lived. They did not give up but continued to do catering, special orders and deliveries from a van, till they were able to cure their debt incurred from the old restaurant.

The couple bounce back with more enthusiasm and passion to share their food and culture to the diverse culture in Denver 2010 and been in business since.  We joined the family: Nana kojo, maame adwoa, Nana Serwa, Maame Antwiwaah and oheneba to say "Akwaaba" which means welcome in Ghana Akan dialect.